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Setup For Success

In our series, Set Up For Success, you’ll find more in depth instruction in the setup, grip, and the takeaway at patrickkellygolf.com.


Proper Golf Setup

Let's Talk Setup

So let’s talk about setup. Rule number one in setup, is hinging from the hips. Making sure that we have, what I call, depth. Depth in your hips. Making sure that all that hinge is coming from here, not the waist and not the shoulders. Making sure again, we’re creating depth in the setup, from the hinge of our hips. Enabling us to have space and creating a gateway for first move, which would be our takeaway.


Proper Golf Grip

Grip Reflects Setup

Now let’s get into the second most important thing of the golf swing, which is your grip. Grip is a reflection of setup. So with a cleaner setup, you are going to be able to repeat a cleaner grip. Starting with the left hand, the left hand is coming into and onto the club, working through the fingers, into the pad on top, making sure that that is mimicking impact position. And with your right hand, you’re coming in right through the two pads that fit perfectly into the thumb, laying the fingers down, allowing that thumb to come across. And in doing so, now your grip and your setup are matching with depth. Depth in the wrist, depth in the hips.


Proper Golf Swing Takeaway

Controlling The Takeaway

All right guys. Now we’re going to talk about the third most important part of the golf swing, which is your takeaway. Now that we have depth in our setup and depth in our grip, we’re going to be enabling ourselves to control our takeaway with all that space that we create from set up. Working on way with our hinge of our hips and a proper grip, I have all this room and all the space to fill. I’m going to start working my left lower half, left leg, left hip towards my ball of my right foot, maintaining that depth in my hips, allowing that hinge and my grip to match. Now, I still have all this space.


Proper Golf Backswing

Right Elbow & Rotation

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